PTA weld overlay is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low-cost surfaces. The robotics used in the PTA weld overlay process result in the application time being reduced and overlay material quantities being reduced.  The precision control also keeps finishing costs significantly lower.

We supply solutions to improve components so they can excel in extreme conditions.

Fusion Solutions, a new division of WCWT Holdings Inc. is adding a robotic Plasma Transfer Arc Weld Overlay machine to increase their capabilities.



PTA Weld Overlay

Used for applications of extreme service conditions requiring wear or corrosion resistance.

Thermal Spray

Rebuilding worn areas, salvaging mismachined parts, or improving finished parts.

Industrial Welding

Services range from weld overlays for part enhancement, weld buildups for part refurbishments, casting repairs and part manufacturing.


Products that range from aerospace ground support equipment to fall protection stands for numerous industries.

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